WordPress Move 1.1.1

Oct 01, 2011

I have updated WordPress Move a week ago to fix a bug some people encountered and make it possible to restore to the former state of the installation after changing the domain name. I want to thank everyone who has reported problems they came across, they are much appreciated.

In addition to the changes I have mentioned above, the function that creates a backup of your database has also received a small but very important modification. As a result of it, database backups created by WordPress Move are a lot smaller now since WordPress Move now discards transient rows while creating a backup of the database. This can reduce the size of your database backup to 10% of its size, so this really is a handy modification especially for people trying to migrate big installations.

This release was actually an unplanned one (just like all bug-fix releases) so as a result, a slightly modified Settings page also became a part of this release which was actually intended for 1.2 as a part of a completely revamped UI. Hopefully, the new UI will be a lot more straightforward and functional than the one stands today. Stay tuned for a revamped version of the plugin in the upcoming weeks. ;)

Changelog for 1.1.1: