Image Rotation Fixer

Jun 18, 2012

Last week, I needed a plugin to automatically fix the rotation of JPEG images using the orientation data inside them but was surprised to see that there is no plugin that does that. Naturally, I wrote one myself and having some free time yesterday, I also made it available in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Now here is the interesting part…

A few minutes ago, I googled the name of the plugin to see if anyone wrote anything about it only to see that about 7 hours after the release of the plugin, johnbillion opened a ticket about it requesting it to be implemented in core. As a result of that ticket, about an hour ago, an old ticket regarding this issue is brought back to the table to be considered for the next release.

This feature may or may not make it to the next version of WordPress or any version of WordPress for that matter but once again I realized how awesomely agile the WordPress community is.